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Our Values

Our values express the behaviour that we wish to encourage in the company. There are five values. We use them in our everyday life when we strive to achieve our goals and create a workplace of which we can all be proud.


We achieve ambitious goals

Our activities drive FMC. We establish ambitious goals for ourselves, and we strive for the very best results. We realise that it is not always possible for us to obtain our goals, but we always try our best.


We are innovative

Innovation means applying new knowledge. We use new knowledge in our products and in our work processes. Even good products and processes can and must be improved over time. This calls for us being dynamic, flexible and ready for change.


We decide and act

Progress and results require decision and action. Decisions must be based on the best available information, and we must act responsibily within our boundaries. We demand from each other that the necessary decisions be made and the necessary actions be set in motion.


We recognise results

Good results are improved by recognising the efforts behind them. We express our recognition in anything and everything. The goals for individuals and groups must be clear, and the expected results must be well-defined and known.


We are good corporate citizens

We run our business in a responsible manner as defined in our "Code of Business Principles". Our activities must be consistent with these principles. We acknowledge that the world is not perfect, but we help improve conditions for people and the environment by establishing and complying with standards.






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