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FMC Scholarship Program


FMC LEAD Scholarship Program


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FMC are thrilled to announce the two winners of the 2021 inaugural LEAD scholarship program. Congratulations to Tamworth's Kareena Pritchard and Bendigo based Malkah Lara Muckenschnabl. 

 (L-R) Kareena Pritchard and Malkah Lara Muckenschnabl

(L-R) Kareena Pritchard and Malkah Lara Muckenschnabl



Scholarship Program

Women currently equate to one third of the Australian agricultural workforce but have a lot more to offer in this dynamic industry. FMC is committed to encouraging and providing more solutions for women to participate and thrive, driving innovation along the way.


FMC LEAD Program

Eligibility: Aspiring female leaders in the ag industry, located in Australia or New Zealand, and aged between 18-35, FMC is providing you with the opportunity to share your ideas, become a member of FMC’s networking group connecting you with other applicants and like-minded females in the industry, and be in with the chance to be one of two selected recipients of the FMC LEAD Program and the opportunity to Learn-Evolve-Apply-Develop. FMC’s scholarship program will provide a unique and adaptive opportunity to network, learn, and share your practical and compelling ideas broadly, equipping emerging leaders with the skills to LEAD with confidence and impact.


FMC LEAD Program offering: If you are one of the two selected program recipients (chosen by select members of FMC’s National AgDay event in 2020), you will:

  • Receive a fully subsidised place on one of several renowned short courses from one of the following respected high-level educational institutions, Australian Graduate School of Management, Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology or Harvard (online). You will have the choice of one of the following focus areas:
    • Leadership/Management
    • Sustainability
    • Innovation
    • Alternatively, FMC will subsidise attendance at any other relevant leadership opportunity of interest (subject to agreement) up to the value of $3,500.

Note* Dates of the courses vary depending on the provider and COVID status and some may not commence until late 2021 or early 2022.

  • Join FMC at the NFF National Conference & Gala Dinner in Canberra, September 28-29, 2021, and network with a diverse audience
  • Present your LEAD program submission ideas at FMC’s 2021 National Ag Day Lunch in Sydney in November 2021
  • Engage and connect with diverse members of the FMC team and industry partners designed specifically for your background, for learning and local field trips
  • All travel and accommodation to Canberra and Sydney will be covered by FMC
  • Total value of the FMC LEAD program approximately $12,000.

 Application process:  You will be required to pick one of the following topics and write a compelling 750-1000 word essay, showcasing your creativity, authenticity, and leadership attributes. In addition, you will be required to submit a short 2-minute video introducing yourself and your chosen topic. We love creativity and welcome additional content in the form of a video documentary, interview, music, live demo, or any other innovative way you choose to get your idea across and have some fun.


The Challenge:  Using the FMC values of community engagement, innovation and sustainability, write a 750-1000 word essay based on your areas of interest or where you have ideas that need to be heard?

  • Rural Communities: We are seeing investment, connectivity and more recently, city dwellers flowing into regional Australia, however we also know that many communities are still recovering from drought and the associated brain drain that comes with lack of opportunities in regional areas. With such a dynamic ecosystem developing in the regions, how can corporate Australia, including FMC, support the development of locally grown leaders that will bring about positive change and sustainability to regional communities?
  • Innovation: The $100B goal by 2030 for Australian agriculture will not come from simply doing more of the same.  What is your advice/suggestion to any key player (or a group of key players) in the ag industry?  How do we drive the adoption of technology that exists today and what barriers do we need to break down to continue to drive innovation?  What would you change if you were CEO or Prime Minister for a day to enable wide-spread adoption of innovative ideas?
  • Sustainability: Sustainability is an important, but very broad reaching word.  What does sustainability for Australian agriculture mean to you?  (Pick an example in the segment closest to you). What are the practices and behaviours that need to change to be truly sustainable and feed the growing world?  These might be policy, business practices, Ag Tech, or educational aspects.

Judging Criteria:

  • Be Creative (30%) – present a fresh point of view or perspective on the topic and display your ability to think outside the box
  • Be Authentic (30%) – we are looking for genuine passion for the chosen topic and enthusiasm to be conveyed in the writing and/or video submission
  • Be Practical (20%) – ideas presented in essays need to be realistic and feasible for real world application
  • Demonstrate Leadership attributes (20%) – we are looking for entries that leadership attributes such as: innovative, inspire others, shares a vision
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