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Surfactant 700


APVMA code:  67929/57107 

Active Constituent(s):

350 g/L soyal phospholipids

350 g/L propionic acid 

Registered For:


 Commercial use

 Domestic use

Overview: Acidifying and penetrating surfactant reduces alkaline hydrolysis of dimethoate. 

  SDS  (102 KB)

  Label  (185 KB)

General Instructions


FMC 700 can be used where the addition of a wetter/spreader or self-emulsifying oil is required or recommended on the agricultural chemical label.


RESTRAINT: DO NOT use with copper products.


Penetration and Wetter


FMC 700 is a multipurpose adjuvant which is composed of natural surfactants and penetrants derived from soybean oils. These are combined with propionic acid to produce a penetrant, surfactant, acidifier for use with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, foliar fertilizers and plant growth regulators. The unique properties of FMC 700 enhance the uptake of many systemic herbicides, allowing them to effectively penetrate into leaves, without causing damage to non-target crop plants.




FMC 700 also acts as an acidifier, which will reduce pH, in most cases to between 4 and 5. This reduces losses due to alkaline hydrolysis and also assists with the uptake of weak acid herbicides.


Droplet size management


FMC 700 will reduce the number of fine droplets (<150 micron) produced by flat fan nozzles, without increasing the number of large spray droplets (>400 micron). FMC 700 will reduce the fine droplets associated with, but not eliminate, off-target movement of the pesticide being used. This is contingent upon good agricultural spraying practice and appropriate nozzle choice. DO NOT use in situations that are conducive to drift. Refer to Perth FMC Supplies representative for further advice and stewardship.




Half fill the spray tank with water and commence agitation. Add the required quantity of FMC 700 then add the recommended quantity of herbicide, insecticide or foliar fertiliser. Continue agitation while topping up the tank and during spraying. Do not use with copper products.


Protection of wildlife, fish, crustaceans and environment


DANGEROUS TO FISH. DO NOT contaminate streams, rivers or waterways with the chemical or used container.


Storage and Disposal


Store in the closed, original container in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area. DO NOT store for prolonged periods in direct sunlight. Triple or preferably pressure rinse containers before disposal. Add rinsings to spray tank. DO NOT dispose of undiluted chemical on-site. Break, crush, or puncture and deliver empty packaging for appropriate disposal to an approved waste management facility. If an approved waste management facility is not available, bury the empty packaging 500mm below the surface in a disposal pit specifically marked and set up for this purpose clear of waterways, desirable vegetation and tree roots, in compliance with relevant Local, State or Territory government regulations. DO NOT burn empty containers or product.


Safety Directions


Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wash hands after use.


DISCLAIMER: This is not the SURFACTANT 700 label. To view or print the label for this product, click the "MSDS/Label" tab at the top of this page. Always follow label instructions.


For specialist advice in an EMERGENCY only phone 1800 033 111, TOLL-FREE, ALL-HOURS, NATIONWIDE

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