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APVMA Code :65437/50927 

Active Constituent(s): 250g/l Trinexapac-Ethyl
Registered For:

 Commercial use

 Domestic use



Increases yield in ryegrass seed crops, improves the percent of thebaine in Poppies* and

increases the CCS percentage in sugarcane.


 SDS (309 KB)

 Label (585 KB)


Tweak is absorbed by the leaves and stems. Tweak has no root or soil activity. Tweak is absorbed quickly into the plant tissue and rapidly translocated to the growing parts. Tweak is rainfast within 2 hours of application.



Tweak should be applied under good growing conditions with adequate soil moisture. Tweak should not be applied to crops that are under stress due to very dry, very wet, frosty conditions, nutrient deficiency or high insect pressure, as this may give less than reliable results.



A program has been designed to optimise the performance of Tweak for growth regulation of certain crops. Consultation should be taken with an agronomist familiar with Tweak prior to use in ryegrass seed crops, sugarcane and poppies.



Add the required quantity of Tweak directly to a spray tank containing 2?3 of the required spray volume. Add the rest of the water and ensure the mix is thoroughly agitated before application.



May be applied by boom spray. Ensure complete coverage of all leaves and stems is obtained. Avoid overlapping sprays. The use of flat fan nozzles is recommended using a fine to medium quality spray pattern.


Poppies, ryegrass, sugarcane

As a guide, apply using the following spray volumes:


Water Volume (L/ha)

Boom application










Tweak is physically compatible with a wide range of products; however the biological compatibility of these mixtures may not have been fully tested under all environmental and biological conditions.

A mixture of Tweak with any other product may in some circumstances affect the growth regulatory response. If tank mixes are to be used observe all directions, precautions and limitations on all products to be used. As formulations of other manufacturers’ products are beyond the control of FMC and the quality of water may vary with location, all mixtures should be tested prior to mixing commercial quantities.



DO NOT apply by aircraft.

DO NOT apply by equipment worn on the back of user.

DO NOT apply by low-pressure handspray.


Re-entry Period: DO NOT enter treated areas until 22 days after spraying has occurred, unless wearing cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist (or equivalent clothing), face shield or goggles and chemical resistant gloves. Clothing must be laundered after each day’s use.

Flaggers: DO NOT use human flaggers/markers unless they are protected by engineering controls such as enclosed cabs.



Grazing withholding periods apply to stock slaughtered for the domestic market. Some export markets apply different standards. To meet these standards, ensure that the export grazing interval is observed before stock are sold or slaughtered.

Spray Drift – Protection of Livestock: The grazing of spray drift affected pastures by livestock destined for export markets may result in violation of export market standards. To ensure compliance with export standards livestock should be restricted from grazing spray drift affected pastures for 3 weeks following application.



Dangerous to fish larvae and oysters. DO NOT contaminate dams, rivers, streams or storm water drains with concentrate or used container. Wash out spraying equipment, mixing and measuring utensils with water onto grass.



Non-refillable containers

Store in the closed, original container in a cool, well-ventilated area. DO NOT store for prolonged periods in direct sunlight. Triple or (preferably) pressure rinse containers before disposal. Add rinsings to the spray tank. DO NOT dispose of undiluted chemicals on site. If recycling, replace cap and return clean containers to recycler or designated collection point. If not recycling, break, crush or puncture and deliver empty packaging to an approved waste management facility. If an approved waste management facility is not available bury the empty packaging 500 mm below the surface in a disposal pit specifically marked and set up for this purpose clear of waterways, desirable vegetation and tree roots in compliance with relevant Local, State or Territory government regulations. DO NOT burn empty containers or product.


Do not remove or tamper with the dry valves or security seal. Do not contaminate the drum with water or any other foreign matter. After each use of the product ensure that the dry valve coupler, delivery system and hoses are disconnected, triple rinsed with clean water and drained accordingly. When the drum is empty remove the dry valve coupler and return to the point of purchase.

Other Refillable containers

Store in the closed, original container in a cool, well-ventilated area. DO NOT store for prolonged periods in direct sunlight. Empty contents fully into application equipment. Close valves and return to point of supply for refill or storage.



May irritate the eyes and skin. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. When opening the container and preparing spray wear cotton overalls, over normal clothing, buttoned to the neck and wrist and a washable hat, and elbow-length chemical resistant gloves, face shield or goggles, and disposable respirator with organic vapour cartridge or canister. If applying by hand, wear elbow length chemical resistant gloves. If product gets in eyes wash out immediately with water. Wash hands after use. After each day’s use, wash gloves, respirator and if rubber wash with detergent and warm water, face shield or goggles and contaminated clothing.



If poisoning occurs contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 131 126.



This product must be used, handled and stored strictly as directed in accordance with this label, packaging and other reference material (“Directions”). To the extent permitted by law FMC and its related companies will have no liability for any injury, loss or damage arising from a failure to follow the Directions.


DISCLAIMER: This is not the TWEAK YEILD & QUALITY ENHANCER label. To view or print the label for this product, click the "MSDS/Label" tab at the top of this page. Always follow label instructions.


For specialist advice in an EMERGENCY only phone 1800 033 111, TOLL-FREE, ALL-HOURS, NATIONWIDE

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