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APVMA Code :61410

Active Constituent(s):

69g/L fenoxaprop-P-ethyl

34.5g/L cloquintocet-mexyl

Registered For:


 Commercial use

 Domestic use

Overview: Foxtrot is an oil in water emulsion formulation with a unique active/safener combination. Foxtrot is for the selective control of Wild Oats and Annual Phalaris in Wheat, Barley, Triticale and cereal rye crops.

Chemical Group phenoxyaliphatic-AOP


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Foxtrot has been tried and trusted by farmers for many years. It can be relied upon to consistently deliver control of major grass weeds in cereal crops.


Foxtrot is an oil in water emulsion with a unique active/safener combination. It provides selective control of wild oats and annual phalaris in wheat, barley, triticale and cereal rye crops. Many grass weeds are aggressive, significantly reducing the amount of soil nutrients and moisture available to the crop. Without early and effective control of these weeds, there is often a dramatic reduction in yield, quality and profits.


Benefits of Foxtrot include: 

  • Soft on wheat, barley, rye and triticale
  • The only fenoxaprop registered in barley
  • High efficacy against a broad spectrum of grass weeds including wild oats, annual phalaris and paradoxa grass
  • Fast acting – growth halted within two to three days after application
  • A formulation that is rainfast within 2 hours after application

General Instructions

Results are best under good growing conditions. Application to weeds or crop under stress (eg. due to continuous severe frosts, nutrient deficient, diseased, dry or waterlogged conditions) should be avoided. Generally the best yield advantage will come from controlling weeds as early as possible.


Export of Treated Produce

Growers should note that suitable MRLs or import tolerances may not be established in all markets for produce treated with FOXTROT Selective Herbicide. If you are growing produce for export, please check with FMC for the latest information on MRLs and import tolerances BEFORE using FOXTROT Selective Herbicide.



Aim for complete coverage of weeds with FOXTROT. Follow directions under 'Equipment'.



Add the required quantity of FOXTROT directly to the spray tank when about two-thirds full. Top up with water to the required volume, with agitators in motion, after adding broadleaf herbicides if required.



Ground sprayers - Standard boom sprays only are recommended and must be fitted with by-pass or mechanical agitation. It is recommended to use approximately 50 to 100 L of water/ha and a droplet size of 200 to 300 microns. Do not apply with boomless jets or misters.

Aircraft - FOXTROT may be applied by aircraft. Best results are obtained using 25 to 30 L of water per hectare with a steady cross wind. Do not exaggerate the swath width. Aim for a droplet size of 200 to 300 microns.



Mixtures of FOXTROT with broadleaf herbicides may lead to a reduction in grass weed control. This reduction can be minimised by closely following all use recommendations and restrictions.



DO NOT apply if rainfall is expected within 4 hours.


DO NOT apply to weeds or crop under stress due to, for example, very dry, very wet, nutrient deficient, frosty or diseased conditions.


Resistance Warning

FOXTROT Selective Herbicide is a member of the aryloxyphenoxypropionate group of herbicides. FOXTROT is a herbicide which inhibits production of acetyl CoA carboxylase. For weed resistance management FOXTROT is a Group A herbicide. Some naturally occurring weed biotypes resistant to FOXTROT, and other Group A herbicides, may exist through normal genetic variability in any weed population. The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the weed population if these herbicides are used repeatedly. These resistant weeds will not be controlled by FOXTROT or other Group A herbicides. Since occurrence of resistant weeds is difficult to detect prior to use, FMC accepts no liability for any losses that may result from the failure of FOXTROT to control resistant weeds.


DO NOT make more than one application of a Group A Herbicide to a crop per season. For further information on herbicide resistance management consult an FMC representative, CropLife, trained agricultural consultant or local department agronomist.


Protection of wildlife, fish, crustaceans and environment

Dangerous to the aquatic environment. DO NOT contaminate streams, rivers or waterways with this product or the used container.


Protection of crop, native and other non-target plants

DO NOT apply in weather conditions or from spraying equipment that may cause spray to drift onto nearby susceptible plants/crops, cropping lands or pastures.


DO NOT plant susceptible crops (eg. corn, sorghum, oats or barley) for 3 weeks after application. Undersown Clovers and Medics - FOXTROT does not affect undersown clovers or medics or other broadleaf crops.


Safety Directions


If poisoning occurs, contact a doctor or Poisons Information Centre. Phone Australia 131126. If swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. Give a glass of water.



Store in the closed, original container in a cool, well-ventilated area. Do not store for prolonged periods in direct sunlight.



Triple or preferably pressure rinse containers before disposal. Add rinsings to spray tank. Do not dispose of undiluted chemicals on site. If recycling, replace cap and return clean containers to recycler or designated collection point. If not recycling, break, crush, or puncture and bury empty containers in a local authority landfill. If no landfill is available, bury the containers below 500 mm in a disposal pit specifically marked and set up for this purpose clear of waterways, desirable vegetation and tree roots. Empty containers and product should not be burnt.


DISCLAIMER: This is not the FOXTROT label. To view or print the label for this product, click the "MSDS/Label" tab at the top of this page. Always follow label instructions.


For specialist advice in an EMERGENCY only phone 1800 033 111, TOLL-FREE, ALL-HOURS, NATIONWIDEduct, click the "MSDS/Label" tab at the top of this page. Always follow label instructions.


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