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Janitor 700 WG



APVMA Code :60676

Active Constituent(s): 700g/kg imazethapyr
Registered For:


 Commercial use

 Domestic use

Overview: For the pre- or post-emergence control of certain weeds in Centrosoma (Cavalcade), chickpeas, faba beans, field peas, lucerne, mung beans, peanuts, serradella, soybeans and subterranean clover.

Chemical Group imidazolinones


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General Instructions


This product can be used for either pre- or post-emergence weed control depending on the crop and weeds to be controlled. When the product is applied pre-emergence, susceptible weeds may emerge but growth will be retarded and weeds will either die or remain stunted and will not compete with the crop. Adequate soil moisture is important for optimum activity. When applied postemergence, weeds will either die or remain stunted and will not compete with the crop.


A non-ionic surfactant, or an adjuvant as specified in the DIRECTIONS FOR USE, must be added to JANITOR 700 WG HERBICIDE for post-emergence weed control. The addition of Spraymate Liase Liquid Herbicide Adjuvant at a rate of 2 L/100L water may assist in post-emergence control of summer growing weeds.




This product mixes readily with both hard and soft water. Fill the spray tank one half to three quarters full with clean water and then, with the agitator running, add the required amount of this product and then fill the tank with water. When tank mixing this product with other recommended compatible products, fi rst add the other product to the tank and mix thoroughly before adding this product.




JANITOR should not be applied for a minimum of two hours before rainfall or irrigation.


Ground Application: Avoid overlaps when spraying. Apply in 50 to 100 L/ha water using flat fan nozzles. The product may be applied in a band over the row in row crops. This will assist in minimising soil residue carry-over.


Aerial Application (Pre-emergence only): Avoid overlaps when spraying. Apply in a minimum 20 L/ha water in a maximum swath width of 18 m using a droplet VMD of 230-280 microns.


DO NOT apply JANITOR 700 WG HERBICIDE under conditions (e.g., dead calm, excessive wind and/or small droplets) likely to cause spray drift onto wetlands or waterways, natural vegetation, crops other than specified on label or land to be planted with susceptible crops.



Thoroughly flush all spray equipment with water following use of JANITOR 700 WG HERBICIDE and before use with other products.

Rinse water should NOT be discharged where it will reach streams, waterbodies or natural vegetation.



This product is compatible with Fastac Duo, trifl uralin, metribuzin, cyanazine, diuron, glyphosate, paraquat plus diquat, diquat, simazine, diflufenican, pendimethalin 330, dimethoate, omethoate and endosulfan.

DO NOT tank mix with slective post-emergence grass herbicides. DO NOT apply these herbicides following use of JANITOR 700 WG HERBICIDE until grasses have resumed active growth.


Crop Safety

This product may cause slight shortening of plant internodes and may in some circumstances lead to transient crop yellowing but plants soon recover and yield is unaffected. This effect may be more pronounced when the product is used post-emergence or under poor growth conditions.


DO NOT use this product pre-emergence on Collegian and Cressy Blue field pea varieties.


DO NOT use this product post-emergence on field pea varieties other than Alma, Dun, Dundale, Early Dun and Wirrega.


DO NOT use pre-emergence on serradella, seedling lucerne or subterranean clover.


DO NOT use post-emergence on chickpeas, faba beans or mung beans.


Should re-sowing of chickpeas, faba beans, field peas, lucerne, mung beans, peanuts, serradella, soybeans or subterranean clover by necessary, DO NOT apply JANITOR 700 WG HERBICIDE.


Following Crops

Under conditions which do not favour breakdown of this product, carry-over soil residues can affect susceptible follow crops. As environmental and agronomic factors make it impossible to eliminate all risks associated with the use of this product, rotational crop injury is always possible. The following minimum re-cropping intervals (months after application) should be observed.



- In SA and WA, DO NOT use on soils of pH 5.5 (Ca Cl2) or less in areas where rainfall from spraying to sowing of cereals is expected to be below 400 mm.

- In NSW, Vic and SA, DO NOT use the 100 g/ha rate in areas where rainfall from spraying to sowing of cereals is expected to be below 400 mm.


If expected rainfall is not received following use of JANITOR 700 WG HERBICIDE, consult your local Cheminova representative before planting wheat, barley or triticale. (In calculating rainfall actually received, exclude single isolated heavy summer and autumn falls above 100 mm).




Do NOT apply to very wet soils if rain is imminent or to soils prone to waterlogging.


Do NOT apply to soils of very high organic matter content.


Do NOT apply to crops or weeds under stress caused by factors such as root or foliar diseases, nutrient deficiencies, or extremes of temperature or moisture.


Resistance Warning


JANITOR 700 WG HERBICIDE is a member of the Imidazolinone group of herbicides. JANITOR 700 WG HERBICIDE has the inhibition of acetolactate synthase (ALS) mode of action. For weed resistance management, JANITOR 700 WG HERBICIDE is a Group B herbicide. Some naturally-occurring weed biotypes resistant to JANITOR 700 WG HERBICIDE and other Group B herbicides may exist through normal genetic variability in any weed population. The resistant individuals can eventually dominate the weed population if these herbicides are used repeatedly. These weeds will not be controlled by JANITOR 700 WG HERBICIDE or other Group B herbicides.


Since the occurrence of resistant weeds is difficult to detect prior to use, Cheminova accepts no liability for any losses that may result from failure of JANITOR 700 WG HERBICIDE to control resistant weeds.


Protection of wildlife, fish, crustaceans and environment

DO NOT contaminate dams, waterways or drains with this product or used containers.


Protection of crop, native and other non-target plants

DO NOT apply under weather conditions, or from spraying equipment, that may cause spray to drift onto nearby susceptible plants/crops, cropping lands or pastures.

DO NOT spray within 50 m of wetlands or waterways.


Safety Directions


Will damage eyes. Will irritate skin. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. When preparing spray, wear cotton overalls buttoned to the neck and wrist and a washable hat, elbow-length PVC gloves and goggles. If product in eyes, wash it out immediately with water. Wash hands after use. After each day's use, wash gloves, goggles and contaminated clothing.



Store in the closed, original container in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.



Triple or preferably pressure rinse containers before disposal. Add rinsings to spray tank. DO NOT dispose of undiluted chemicals on-site. If recycling, replace cap and return clean container to recycler or designated collection point. If not recycling, break, crush or puncture and bury empty containers in a local authority landfill. If not available, bury the containers below 500mm in a disposal pit specifically marked and set up for this purpose clear of waterways, desirable vegetation and tree roots. Empty containers and product should NOT be burnt.


Product details last updated on 25 Jun 2010


DISCLAIMER: This is not the JANITOR 700WG label. To view or print the label for this product, click the "MSDS/Label" tab at the top of this page. Always follow label instructions.


For specialist advice in an EMERGENCY only phone 1800 033 111, TOLL-FREE, ALL-HOURS, NATIONWIDE

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