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On Coarse DRA


APVMA code:  88370 / 121077

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An adjuvant for use with knockdown herbicides to reduce the fine droplet fraction considered to be at high risk of drift from ground based spray boom application. An adjuvant to improve the performance of knockdown herbicides.


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General Instructions

• On Coarse DRA is an adjuvant for knockdown herbicides for application by ground rig through coarse-and-larger spray quality rated nozzles (ASABE 572.1).
• On Coarse DRA reduces (but does not eliminate) fine droplet (<200?m) production through nozzles rated coarse, very coarse, extremely coarse and ultra-coarse.
• When used at the high label rate, On Coarse DRA typically ensures a very coarse spray quality is produced by a nozzle with that ASABE 572.1 rating, overcoming the fining effect some tank mixes have on spray quality.
• Use of On Coarse DRA is not a substitute for other good spraying practices. Consult GRDC Spray Application Manual for Grain Growers, Module 4 – Drift Management Strategies. When spraying, ensure at least the following recommendations are followed:
• the labels of all sprayed chemicals are adhered to
• the spray rig is set up to deliver the coarsest, effective droplet size for the chemical being applied
• no spraying is done in inversion conditions
• the spray boom is used at the lowest height that still allows double overlap of spray from adjacent nozzles and
• tractor speed during application is as low as practical.




Always use the highest quality water available e.g. rain water. Test water source regularly through the spraying season for hardness, bicarbonates, pH and salinity. If required, treat water with conditioning agents compatible with the herbicides to be used.

On Coarse DRA is a viscous, very hazy oily liquid formulation. Inspect On Coarse DRA and remix before use if some separated oil is visible at the surface of the pack’s contents, unless entire contents of pack are to be used in one tank.
Do not add any herbicides to the spray tank until at least 70% of the intended water volume has been added and all conditioning agents have been fully dissolved. When using glyphosate, add it next and fully disperse. Then add On Coarse DRA and fully mix. When using paraquat, add On Coarse DRA before the paraquat. Agitation may be required to initially disperse On Coarse DRA but once mixed it will form a stable emulsion. Finally, add any other herbicide mixing component and top up to final water volume. Maintain agitation or recirculation during application. Follow herbicide label instructions for advice on tank mixtures left to stand unsprayed for a period of time.



Storage and Disposal

Store in the closed, original container in a dry, cool, well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

If not recycling, break, crush, or puncture and deliver empty packaging to an approved waste management facility. If an approved waste management facility is not available, bury the empty packaging 500 mm below the surface in a disposal pit specifically marked and set up for this purpose, clear of waterways, desirable vegetation and tree roots, in compliance with relevant local, state or territory government regulations. Do not burn empty containers or product.
This container can be recycled if it is clean, dry, free of visible residues and has the drumMUSTER logo visible. Triple-rinse container for disposal. Dispose of rinsate by adding it to the spray tank. Do not dispose of undiluted chemical on site. Wash outside of the container and the cap. Store cleaned container in a sheltered place with cap removed. It will then be acceptable for recycling at any drumMUSTER collection or similar container management program site. The cap should not be replaced, but may be taken separately.



First Aid

First aid is not generally required. If in doubt contact a Poisons Information Centre (Phone Australia: 131126).


DISCLAIMER: This is not the ON COARSE label. To view or print the label for this product, click the "MSDS/Label" tab at the top of this page. Always follow label instructions.


For specialist advice in an EMERGENCY only phone 1800 033 111, TOLL-FREE, ALL-HOURS, NATIONWIDE

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