Spray Oils & Adjuvants


A highly refined, narrow range, emulsifiable, paraffinic horticultural oil. Designed as a stand-alone insecticide to control pests such as aphids, scale, mites and mealybug on a broad range of crops and ornamentals.

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Features a patented formulation built from an nC27 paraffinic oil for maximum insecticidal efficacy; a unique UV absorber additive that protects against phytotoxicity; and biodegradable, phyto-safe emulsifiers for superior leaf coverage and droplet retention.

D-C-Trate NewGen

A selective herbicide adjuvant combining activating surfactants and mineral oil that work synergistically with our patented FIRST® (Fast Interface-Replenishment Surfactant Technology).

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D-C-Tron Cotton

The new formulation D-C-Tron defoliant spray oil – effective at just half the rate of the old formulation (just 1L/ha versus 2 L/ha), giving you peace of mind at an economical rate and more hectares per load.

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D-C-Tron Plus

A highly refined, emulsifiable, premium quality horticultural oil containing a special UV absorber to reduce the risk of phytotoxicity. Designed to control a wide variety of pests and diseases on fruit trees, vegetables, ornamentals and other crops.

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Dead Sure

A drift reducing adjuvant developed specifically as the key component of a broader spray drift reduction system (DRS) in collaboration with leading spray nozzle manufacturer, TeeJet.


A unique, emulsifiable, low viscosity, food-grade, paraffinic dipping or in-line spray oil for the control of pests on the surface or under the calyx of harvested fruit.

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