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Helping you grow

Our customers

FMC's core business of crop protection is an integral part of supplying the world's food. We recognise the challenges farmers face in a changing environment. Through the control of weeds, insect pests and plant diseases our products contribute to increasing and improving farm productivity. Our commitment to innovation and sustainable development helps you grow, while managing your economic and environmental footprint.


Our people

At FMC we believe our most valuable resource is our people. Our organisation is built on the skills, talents and potential of the individuals we employ. By empowering our people and by treating each employee as an individual, we create the best conditions for development and well-being – for the employee and for the entire organisation. It's how we help everyone grow.


Our world

Population growth and rising living standards are putting agriculture under increasing pressure. At the end of October 2011 the world's population reached seven billion. The UN predicts another billion will be added to that figure within the next 14 years. Agriculture will be expected to deliver more food year on year just to keep up. FMC offers farmers innovative, sustainable solutions to raise productivity and help feed an ever-growing world.

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