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Our Values

Six Core Values define who we are and how we do business. Collectively, these values guide us as individuals and as a team of 6,500 people around the world. It’s what sets FMC apart and it’s the key to our long-term growth and sustainability as a company.



  • We do things the right way - ethically and in compliance with laws - regardless of circumstances
  • We keep our commitments, building trust with customers, shareholders, the community and each other
  • We take responsibility for our actions, regardless of the outcome


  • Every action we take is guided by our TH!NK SAFE manifesto
  • We empower employees to always put safety first
  • We help others to be safe - at work, at home and on the road


  • We create innovative solutions while preserving the environment for tomorrow
  • We make a positive impact on the communities where we live and work
  • We steward the responsible use of our products

Respect for People

  • We empower informed risk-taking, celebrating successes and learning from mistakes
  • We develop the knowledge and abilities of our people to best serve their careers and our customers
  • We create an inclusive environment where diverse views, backgrounds and experiences are key to our success


  • We are action-orientated, delivering results without sacrificing safety or quality
  • We pursue continuous innovation not only in our products and processes, but in the experiences we deliver
  •  We are collaborative, fast and nimble

Customer Centricity

  • We cultivate long-term customer relationships and put their needs at the center of everything we do
  • We understand our customers' business, and provide solutions to their most pressing challenges
  • We measure our success in terms of our customers' success


FMC values_Integrity


FMC values_Safety


FMC values_Sustainability


FMC values_Respect for People



FMC values_Customer Centricity




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