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Easy control of problem regrowth for northern graziers

Creation date: 15 April 2019

Graslan herbicide is widely used in northern Australia to control brigalow regrowth, tea tree regrowth, prickle trees such as parkinsonia, prickly acacia and mimosa bush, as well as certain problem woody weeds on grazing lands.  


Whilst aerial application of Graslan is ideal for graziers maintaining large areas of tropical pasture production, hand application of the herbicide is an easy way to control small-scale regrowth up to two metres tall.


The Graslan 20kg pack allows for cleanup assistance on most grazing properties for use around fencelines, stockyards, holding pens or dams, and difficult to access areas.  


Jaxon Morris, FMC northern region sales manager,said that applying the herbicide by hand is made easy with the Graslan hand dispenser. 


“The hand dispenser measures a single dose of Graslan into the hand each time the handle is clicked,” said Mr Morris. “The pellets can then be easily tossed accurately over regrowth by hand.”



From May through to August FMC will be offering the hand dispenser (RRP $40) as a promotional giveaway on purchases of three or more 20kg bags of Graslan. 


“The dispensers are an easy way to always have an application of Graslan handy when out in the paddock,” he added. “Graslan has a long shelf life, so it can be kept in the dispenser and used at any time.”


Mr Morris added that the high quality pellets are manufactured in Australia to a uniform size to help with consistent measurement and distribution, however use of the Graslan hand dispenser makes this an even simpler and accurate process for users.


An improved formulation and the exclusive coating method also means less dust during handling,” he said. “And the convenience of a pellet means there’s no liquid to mix, no guns to clog and no water is needed.” 


With strict vegetation management laws in Queensland there are some important considerations for pellet distribution and placement for hand application of Graslan. 


When controlling regrowth along fencelines, around yards, and for isolated patches in pasture, users should take note of any large trees outside the target treatment area that may have their roots extending into where the pellets are placed. These trees will be affected and may result in tree death.


The area to where the roots may extend from the tree can be beyond 1.5 times the height of the plant from the trunk and well beyond the plant canopy. As a rule of thumb, do not apply Graslan within the area twice the height of the tree from the tree base.


Cassia Ferguson, FMC Graslan business manager, said that whilst Graslan is a well-established herbicide FMC recognise the importance of the product in maintaining northern pastures and are continuing to invest in the brand. 


“Resellers will notice a fresh new look for Graslan 20kg bags this season when our newly branded packaging hits shelves in time for the peak application period,” she said.



“In addition to the hand dispenser promotion, we’re also rewarding graziers with a cargo case for any purchase of 25 or more 20kg bags this season.”


Ideal for the back of a ute, the cargo cases are a strong and durable, heavy-duty polyethylene container offering secure, waterproof storage.


For more information on Graslan visit graslan.com.au 

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