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FMC become 5th largest Crop Protection Chemical Company in the world

01 November 2017

FMC Agricultural Solutions is pleased to announce the successful completion of the acquisition of a significant portion of DuPont’s global crop protection business, giving FMC a broader portfolio of leading brands, a deeper pipeline of new technologies, greater global scale, and a world-class R&D organization that will meet customers’ needs better than ever.


The acquisition includes an industry-leading selective insecticide portfolio that provides growers worldwide with effective control of important insect pests while minimizing risk to valuable beneficial insects and pollinators.


Peter Close, FMC Country Head said “This is an exciting step which charts a clear course for the company’s future in an industry undergoing significant change and consolidation.”


The acquisition includes many of DuPont crop protections most respected and successful products, including industry-leading insecticides Altacor®, Coragen®, Exirel®, Benevia®, Steward® and Avatar®; a number of the sulfonylurea herbicides including Express® and Gulliver®;  and a world class R&D capability and pipeline.


This acquisition transforms FMC into the fifth largest crop protection company globally and a tier-one agricultural technology leader, combining the substantial resources and talent from DuPont with FMC’s own product portfolio, pipeline and formulation expertise.


Highly complementary to FMC’s existing broad spectrum insecticide portfolio are two acquired products with full patent protection over their respective active ingredients; Rynaxypyr® and Cyazypyr®.  These products are expected to generate over A$1.25 billion annual revenue for FMC globally. 


Rynaxypyr insecticide leads the market in selective control of Lepidoptera (caterpillars) and other chewing insects with strong global brands including Coragen and Altacor in Australia.


Cyazypyr insecticide is newly launched around the world and has cross-spectrum activity against chewing and sucking insects. Cyazypyr insecticide products are rapidly growing led by Benevia and Exirel insecticide brands.


Peter Close, FMC Country Head said “The acquired products have significantly strengthened our offering to customers in Australia through increased diversification and portfolio balance in both insecticides and herbicides markets.”


Alongside the acquisition of DuPont’s market-leading insecticide portfolio, FMC also acquired DuPont's global cereal broadleaf herbicides for use on cereal crops around the world. These products provide a comprehensive broadleaf weed control platform.


Consisting of nine compounds in the sylfonylurea (SU) class of chemistry, the acquired herbicide portfolio includes: thifensulfuron-methyl, tribenuron-methyl, metsulfuron-methyl, triflusulfuron-methyl, chlorsulfuron, lenacil, flupyrsulfuron-methyl, ethametsulfuron-methyl, and azimsulfuron, with strong recognised brands such as Express and Gulliver herbicides and legacy Australian brands such as Ally® and Glean®.


The underlying intellectual property related to the acquired products, including patents, registrations and data packages, have also transferred to FMC, along with a global manufacturing network to fully support these products, including four active ingredient manufacturing facilities and 10 regional formulation plants.


The acquisition has seen DuPont’s world-class discovery and development organization, including 14 regional development labs and related regulatory capabilities transfer to FMC, alongside a pipeline of 15 synthetic active ingredients currently in development, covering insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, and an extensive library of 1.8 million synthetic compounds.


George Saville, FMC Commercial Director for Agricultural Solutions, said “Maintaining the highest levels of service for our customers remains our top priority. To this end, we have invested significant resources to ensure that the integration of the DuPont team, products and other assets is as seamless as possible. Though integration will take 18-24 months, it is important to emphasise that we will operate as one company under FMC Agricultural Solutions starting immediately.”

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