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FMC Corporation Commits AU$150,000 to Support Australian Bushfire Relief Efforts

Creation date: 11 February 2020

FMC Corporation has announced a commitment of AU$150,000 to support local farmers, communities, and businesses that have been devastated by recent Australian bushfires. 


“Our colleagues and customers in Australia have experienced unprecedented hardship over this fire season, and our hearts are heavy for the many lives that have been impacted,” said Kristina Hermanson, FMC’s managing director for Australasia. “We have seen firsthand the destruction these fires have wreaked on farms, families and wildlife, and we are here to help, to mobilize resources, and to aid recovery efforts.” 


A portion of FMC’s donation will go to the BizRebuild initiative established by the Business Council of Australia. This initiative aims to rebuild work opportunities in communities with a long-term focus on business recovery in bushfire-impacted communities, particularly agriculture and tourism.


FMC’s donation will also support the South Australian Apiarists’ Association after Kangaroo Island, located in South Australia, lost nearly 60 percent of its vegetation and approximately 25 percent of its 4,000 Ligurian honeybee hives. This industry exports honeybee queens vital for maintaining healthy bee populations and pollination of crops worldwide. 


FMC is also collaborating within impacted communities in Victoria and New South Wales to provide funding for rebuilding fences. In Batlow, FMC is providing aid through in-kind product donations to growers who have suffered significant losses in the bushfires.


“The rebound from these crippling events will take long-term focus and commitment. We are pleased to play a part in providing relief and recovery where it is most needed,” said Ms. Hermanson. “We look forward to support these initiatives and see rural businesses and agricultural communities thrive again.” 


In addition to financial and in-kind assistance, FMC is also matching donations from its global employees who are eager to contribute to restoration efforts, and facilitating its local staff teams to volunteer in various rebuilding activities. 



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