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FMC Introduces Revolutionary Herbicide to Australian Market

Creation date: 07 April 2020


News Release


Media contact: Pamela Pung +65.9662.1655



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PHILADELPHIA, March 25, 2020


FMC announced today that its revolutionary herbicide, Overwatch®, has received full registration in Australia, and will be available for the 2021 winter crop season. Powered by FMC’s new Isoflex™ active ingredient, the launch of Overwatch® Herbicide represents a global first for the company.


The innovative pre-emergent herbicide promises to have outstanding control over annual ryegrass - one of the bigger pain points for Australian farmers – and it has proven to be effective against weeds such as silvergrass, bifora, sowthistle, hogweed and lesser loosestrife, making it an excellent fit in many paddocks.


Another aspect that makes the product truly unique in the Australian broadacre market is that it is the only isoxazolidinone herbicide that can used for three key winter crops - wheat, barley and canola – providing farmers with more flexibility for crop rotations.


Overwatch® Herbicide also has long-lasting residual control, making it very effective on later germinating weeds, with up to 12 weeks control of a wide range of weeds.


“The registration for Overwatch® Herbicide is very timely as many of the weed species in Australia are developing resistance to commonly used herbicides. Overwatch® Herbicide will give growers a new and important tool to control weeds that are no longer susceptible to other herbicides,” said Kristina Hermanson, Managing Director of FMC Australia.


“FMC has been consistently impressed with the very high standards within the regulatory review and approval process, and we want to acknowledge and thank the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) for the professionalism and preparedness of the case team, as well as an ahead-of-anticipated schedule approval,” continued Ms. Hermanson.


FMC’s new mode of action herbicide, which has been extensively trialled over many seasons across a wide range of locations and conditions, has growers and agronomists taking notice as the ryegrass germinates and turns a bright magenta colour before perishing.


“Overwatch® Herbicide works by inhibiting the production of carotenoids in susceptible weeds,” said Hugh Palmer, FMC’s Herbicide Portfolio Manager. “This, in turn, affects the weed's ability to produce energy through normal photosynthetic pathways. While the crop is able to metabolise the herbicide, the susceptible weeds use up available energy from the seed and then die.”


For further information visit www.overwatchherbicide.com


About FMC

FMC Corporation, an agricultural sciences company, provides innovative solutions to growers around the world with a robust product portfolio, fuelled by a market-driven discovery and development pipeline in crop protection, plant health, and professional pest and turf management. This powerful combination of advanced technologies includes leading insect control products Trojan® and Talstar®, as well as Altacor®, Coragen®, Benevia® and Exirel® based on Rynaxypyr® and Cyazypyr® active ingredients; Affinity® Force, Command®, Hammer®, Rustler® and Spotlight Plus® branded herbicides; and the flutriafol-based fungicide Impact® Endure. FMC Corporation employs approximately 6,400 employees around the globe. To learn more, please visit www.fmccrop.com.au


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Statement under the Safe Harbor Provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This release contains forward-looking statements, which are based on management's current views and assumptions regarding future events, future business conditions and the outlook for the company based on currently available information. These statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results to be materially different from any results, levels of activity, performance or achievements expressed or implied by any forward-looking statement. These factors include, among other things, the risk factors and other cautionary statements included within FMC's 2019 Form 10-K filed with the SEC as well as other SEC filings and public communications. FMC cautions readers not to place undue reliance on any such forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date made. Forward-looking statements are qualified in their entirety by the above cautionary statement. FMC undertakes no obligation, and specifically disclaims any duty, to update or revise any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances arising after the date on which they were made, except as otherwise required by law.


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