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FMC now distributing Trojan® insecticide

Creation date: 01 February 2016

FMC Crop Protection is now distributing Trojan® insecticide in Australia.


Trojan (150 g/L Gamma-Cyhalothrin) is the most potent pyrethroid insecticide available in the world, controlling a wide range of pests in cereal, canola and grain legume crops.


The merger of FMC and Cheminova places FMC in a position to re-commence distribution of the product in Australia, ending the distribution agreement with Dow AgroSciences.


FMC will be announcing a new price position for Trojan, providing agronomists with a cost competitive, high performance insecticide in key markets.


Trojan’s high performance is due to the powerful single stereo-isomer active ingredient and a unique microcapsule formulation that gives:

  • Excellent compatibility and crop safety with no added crop burn.
  • Extended residual control of insects (compared to alphacypermethrin), making it an ideal choice for aphid anti-feed and general insect control in cereals and canola.
  • Comparatively safer handling with reduced risk of pyrethroid paresthesia (face burn), as the only ‘schedule 5’ pyrethroid.
  • Ease of use due to the low dose rate.
  • Short withholding periods (7-14 days) meaning it can be used close to harvest for late season budworm control in canola and grain legume crops.


To order Trojan please contact FMC customer service on 1800 901 939 or orders@fmc.com.


For product information please contact your local FMC area business manager.

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