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FMC to extend Rustler label into pulses

Creation date: 21 February 2017

FMC is working with GRDC to extend the Rustler label into pulse crops for the 2018 pulse season. Rustler, a Group D propyzamide herbicide, provides selective grass control of annual ryegrass, other grasses and some broadleaf weeds. 


It is anticipated that Rustler will be registered as a pre-emergent herbicide to provide an effective option for control of problematic weeds such as annual ryegrass in pulses, as part of an overall resistance management strategy. 


The second year of residue trials in all key pulse growing areas in Australia has been completed by FMC in conjunction with GRDC.


“There are a limited number of pre-emergent grass herbicides for use in pulses,” said George Saville, head of sales for FMC Australasia. “Combined with existing herbicide resistance issues, the need for an alternative tool for resistance management was identified by the GRDC as important a number of years ago.” 


The GRDC-supported trial were part of an initiative focusing on opening pathways to registration for label extensions to allow new uses of chemicals on grain crops. The joint project with FMC (previously Cheminova) has involved field trials to generate pesticide residue data on propyzamide-pulse combination that the grains industry identified as a high priority.


Data from the completed trial is currently being collated and FMC is finalising the application submission. The industry-initiated amendment to the Rustler label, they approved by the APVMA, will allow the use of propyzamide on winter-sown grain pulses.


“We are finalising the application submission to the APVMA with the aim of registration at the end of 2017 or early in 2018 in time for the 2018 winter pulse season,” Mr Saville said. 


FMC has recently undertaken a series of crop safety trials in pulse crops, with Rustler performing well in all trials at both recommended rate and the 2x recommended rate.


“Rustler quickly established itself as the leading propyzamide in canola with the first registration in canola in 2014,” he said. “Subject to APVMA approval we’re looking to build on this with pulse registration in Australia for the 2018 season.”

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