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Hammer® 400. Kills A lot of weeds. Fast.

Creation date: 05 September 2019

FMC’s Hammer 400®, a Group G herbicide, is a non-residual contact herbicide that is readily absorbed by green leaves and stems of broadleaf plants, with no translocation within the plant to roots or to other unsprayed leaves.


“Hammer 400 has shown to be a highly effective and versatile tool for broadacre use prior to establishing winter and summer crops or commencing fallows,” said Dugald North, FMC Australasia Crop Development Manager.


“When used in combination with knockdown herbicides, Hammer significantly increases brownout and improves control of hard-to-kill broadleaf weeds such as marshmallow, capeweed, Paterson’s curse and wild radish.” 


Hammer 400’s formulation is specifically designed for enhanced burndown through the use of specialised modified oils derived from naturally renewable resources.


When used at the label rates, Hammer has no residual activity from herbicide that falls onto soil.


The active constituent in Hammer 400 (Carfentrazone-ethyl) is a unique herbicidal molecule that interacts with the plant’s photosynthetic system to form highly active compounds. These compounds rupture the plant cell membranes, resulting in the cell contents leaking out which causes rapid cell death. Because this mode of action is connected with photosynthesis, sunlight is essential for expression of herbicidal activity.


Elders Technical Services Manager, Jack Daniels said he was initially drawn to Hammer due to the impressive weed control achieved when compared with Group G products.


“As our farming systems evolved from convention tillage to minimum till and no till, it was apparent that weeds that had previously been managed with tillage were fast becoming difficult to control with chemical only management. Marshmallow was a stand out here, particularly if it had some size about it.”


Mr Daniels continued “Whilst other tank mixing partners were available, they proved problematic in front of susceptible crops like canola and legumes where at times lengthy plant back periods were required. The operational issue around long plant backs resulted in delayed sowing which had the potential to limit yield potential particularly in seasons when we had dry spring conditions. A key lesson we learnt from the dry seasons in the 2000’s was how important both moisture retention from summer rainfall events and in the autumn was in achieving a viable crop in these tough years. Weed control in this period is the most important spray operation we do on farm in relation to yield outcomes”.


Mr Daniels said an advantage to using Hammer 400 was that the product can be applied in front of susceptible crops close to sowing with no plant backs. The one hour rainfast adds extra security and confidence if showery conditions are encountered at sowing time.


Hammer 400 has excellent compatibility with glyphosate and paraquat based herbicides for broad spectrum weed control. Mr Daniels said he keeps rates of hammer robust when using with both glyphosate and paraquat mixtures as there is a trade off with weed control if rates are reduced.


“Hammer works really well when weeds are not stressed, particularly marshmallow and if actively growing, Hammer can pull down pretty big plants. Under these conditions Hammer is at its best. Trying to control stressed weeds particularly under summer spray conditions can be problematic especially if tank mixed with 24D ester formulations. This scenario can result in less than optimal control” My Daniels said his advice under these situations is to target small weeds as early as possible after summer rainfall before the weeds have the opportunity to become too advanced or stressed. Using the correct adjuvant package also improves outcomes.


Mr Daniel ended with stating Hammer has been and remains an important tool in pre-sowing weed management particularly at this time when we are seeing weed herbicide resistance to other chemical groups.


For more information contact your local FMC representative or refer to the Hammer 400 product page

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