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Creation date: 27 February 2015

New double strength abamectin

Cheminova is set to release a new double strength Vantal formulation. Vantal Upgrade, a 36 g/L EW abamectin, will be available from 30 March in a 5L pack.


Vantal Upgrade controls certain mites and insect pests in horticultural crops and cotton. The new EW formulation is twice the strength of industry standard formulations, giving you:

  1. less volume
  2. less storage
  3. less handling
  4. less risk


While less volume means lower storage and handling costs, the Vantal Upgrade EW formulation also means less operator risk compared to industry standard EC formulations.  Vantal Upgrade is a water-based formulation containing approximately half the organic solvents of abamectin EC formulations.  


In comparison to industry standard EC formulations, Vantal Upgrade EW provides:

  • better storage stability
  • a higher flash point
  • reduced odour
  • a reduced toxicology profile


Vantal Upgrade is the first of a dozen new formulations and registrations expected for release in 2015 from Cheminova Australia.


Cameron Clarke, Portfolio Manager, Cheminova Australia said the product release typifies the innovation Cheminova is known for globally in formulation development. “Improving a standard formulation to provide quality and handling benefits is Cheminova’s specialty,” said Cameron “and Vantal Upgrade is a prime example of formulation innovation” he said.


For more information on Vantal Upgrade contact your local Cheminova representative, or call Cheminova customer service on 1800 624 597.

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