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Rustler Controls Key Grass Weeds in Canola

Creation date: 15 December 2017

Herbicide resistance now affects over 20 species of Australian weeds, foremost among them being annual ryegrass. Farmers are being encouraged to adopt integrated weed management to address the resistance problem, largely through the rotation of herbicide groups and the avoidance of treating large numbers of weeds with a single herbicide.


Although a group D herbicide, Rustler belongs in the Benzamide sub group and is an excellent rotation option away from Trifluralin. Rustler provides an additional option for control of problematic weeds as part of an overall resistance management strategy. 


The active in Rustler, propyzamide is relatively insoluble with the product only moving into the top 10-12mm of the soil. This combined with the fact that Rustler is a 100% root uptake product, means that it struggles to kill weeds germinating from depth.


Rustler is most effective under cool, wet and miserable conditions with efficacy dramatically improving when soil temperatures dip below ten degrees. While Rustler does need moisture to activate the product, it is not volatile and will not volatilise under dry conditions. Rustler is broken down through microbial activity that is promoted under warm, moist conditions. Being low volatile means a far greater incorporation window when compared to Trifluralin.


Adequate and even soil coverage at application is critical for Rustler efficacy. Apply Rustler as a pre-emergent for canola at the label rate of 1L/ha. Water rates should be maintained at a minimum of 70L/ha water, using a coarse droplet. Coarse droplets combined with the minimum recommended water rate will improve soil coverage.


Rustler is ideally applied IBS with knife points and press wheels. This system optimises crop safety by throwing treated soil out of the furrow along with covering the active, allowing for more even application and efficacy. Depending on the type of disc seeder, crop safety may be compromised if active moves back into the root zone of the germinating canola.


Fast sowing speeds can throw treated soil into adjacent furrows where the increased Rustler concentration may lead to crop damage. A slow, steady sowing speed will help keep the Rustler treated soil in the inter-row where it is most effective against germinating weeds.


FMC Area Sales Manager, Hugh Palmer said that ‘With the addition of Canola to the Rustler label, FMC have added another tool in the fight against rye grass resistance, while at the same time taking pressure off important chemistry like Trifluralin. FMC’s willingness to invest in research and development is setting it apart from the many generic players in the Australian market."


Application prior to sowing will minimise risk posed to the following season’s cereal crop. In a failed crop scenario where canola establishment is poor, options for re-sowing with alternative crops are limited. Advice should be sought from a FMC technical specialist in this situation.


Following application target plants exhibit signs of reduced root growth and development. Leaves become discoloured and less erect, gradually changing colour to red or yellow. Field experience indicates that symptoms may develop within a couple of weeks under ideal conditions.


Rustler must make contact with the soil to be effective as a pre-emergent. Application of Rustler prior to weed germination will allow rains to provide sufficient soil moisture for weed root systems to extend into the band of Rustler. Emerging weeds that germinate below this layer may escape control.


Always read the product label for the manufacturer’s tank mix recommendations and to determine individual product compatibility options and correct mixing orders for individual products. Failure to follow correct tank mixing orders or compatibility recommendations can lead to poor application and potentially poor weed control. 


For compatibilities of Rustler with other chemical products refer to the Rustler Compatibility document at www.rustlerherbicide.com.au or contact your local FMC Sales Representative.

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