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Rustler WG canola registration

Creation date: 01 April 2015

Rustler® WG is expected to receive registration in canola at the end of April 2015. NOW REGISTERED! View the updated Rustler WG label.


The news follows the registration of Rustler SC in canola in 2014, and means that Rustler WG and Rustler SC are currently the only propyzamide herbicides registered for use in Canola in Australia this season. 


Rustler®, a herbicide from Cheminova, provides selective control of annual ryegrass, other grasses and some broadleaf weeds. 


A group D herbicide, Rustler WG will be registered as a pre-emergent herbicide for incorporation by sowing (IBS).  It provides an effective option for control of problematic weeds such as annual ryegrass in canola, as part of an overall resistance management strategy.


Portfolio Manager for Cheminova Australia, Cameron Clarke, said the registration for Canola should come through in time for use this season.  


Some key factors for achieving the best results with Rustler WG include:

  • target germinating grasses and weeds

  • apply to a firm, clod-free seedbed in a non-till system, or with minimum soil disturbance, prior to planting

  • apply to moist soil and when soil temperatures are low for maximum efficacy


For more information on Rustler in canola visit www.rustlerherbicide.com.au, contact your local Cheminova representative, or call Cheminova customer service on 1800 624 597.


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