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Vantal Upgrade registered for use in Almonds

Creation date: 29 July 2015

Vantal® Upgrade, an insecticide from Cheminova, has been registered for use in Almonds. The recent registration makes Vantal Upgrade the only abamectin product registered to control two spotted & bryobia mite species in Almonds. This innovation gives almond growers another valuable tool in protecting their crop from mites.


Vantal Upgrade 36 g/L EW (abamectin) also controls certain mites and insect pests in other horticultural crops and cotton.


Twice the strength of industry standard formulations, Vantal Upgrade offers you:

  • less volume
  • less storage
  • less handling
  • less risk

While less volume means savings in storage and handling costs, the Vantal Upgrade EW formulation also means less operator risk compared to industry standard EC formulations.


Stuart Lumber, Head of Marketing, Development & Regulatory for FMC Australasia said Vantal Upgrade is a water-based formulation containing approximately half the organic solvents of abamectin EC formulations. In comparison to industry standard EC formulations, he said Vantal Upgrade provides:

  • better storage stability,
  • a higher flash point,
  • reduced odour,
  • and a reduced toxicology profile.


Stuart said the product typifies the innovation that both FMC and Cheminova have been known for globally. “Innovative pre-mixes, new product uses and improved formulation development is our specialty,” he said “and Vantal Upgrade is a prime example of customer focussed innovation”.


Vantal Upgrade is available in a 5L pack.


For more information on Vantal Upgrade contact your local Cheminova representative, or call Cheminova customer service on 1800 624 597. 

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