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When pests attack your crop, turn to Trojan

Creation date: 20 April 2019

Trojan insecticide is a patent protected, fifth generation pyrethroid, widely used to control pests at early crop establishment in cereals and winter crops. Trojan is used to largely target either aphid anti-feed in cereals or native budworm in pulses.


When pests began to attack crops on the Marrone family property at Jibberding, the central wheat belt of Western Australia, the product farmer John Marrone turned to was Trojan insecticide, exclusively sold by FMC.


Mr Marrone grows a range of crops including wheat, barley, oats, canola and lupins, and had varied levels of insect issues each season.


“We first used Trojan back in 2016. It was one of those years. We have never had to spray aphids in any of our cereals and our barley and wheat were really hammered so we turned to Trojan. We found it a very good product, it handled well and is user friendly because of the rates,” Mr Marrone explained.


The rate of 15 ml/ha in cereal crops makes it an ideal option to apply via air, with a 5L container able to treat more than 330 hectares of crop.


“We can get more hectares done per load,” Mr Marrone said. “The effectiveness of the plane is very good. They do it a lot quicker than we can do it and there is a saving for us with what you'd do in damage running over your crops."


He said they mixed Trojan insecticide with other chemicals and liquid nitrogen or UAN and found it very compatible.


“We have continued to use Trojan every year since 2016. The cost of the product is relative to the safety and efficacy of it. Trojan is used just about every time we spray now. It gives us one pass application and there's no problems.”


Mr Marrone said aphids virtually suck the juice out of the plant and just send it backwards if unchecked. Other pests were also of concern at different stages of the season as Mr Marrone experienced issues in cereals, canola and even lupins in the past.


Trojan has been used to control budworm in lupins, and heliothis and Diamondback moth in canola.


Generally regarded as the most potent pyrethroid insecticide available, Trojan can be used in the early establishment of the cereal crops targeting aphids and other establishment pests.

In canola pests such as RLEM and blue oat mites are part of the broad-spectrum control early in the season.


Trojan can also be utilised for late-season control of native budworms and other chewing pests in grain legumes and canola.

Importantly the formulation offers both fast knockdown and extended control of insect pests compared to other synthetic pyrethroid’s.


The initial control with Trojan occurs primarily through direct contact of the insect pest with collapsing microcapsules. Larger capsules remain intact and gradually release the active ingredient over time for longer lasting control.


The Trojan formulation provides consistent high performance, offering excellent rain-fastness, temperature tolerance, increased residual activity, very low dose rates, low volatility and non-flammable formulation, improving the ease of handling, use and transportation.


Visit the Trojan product page for more information.

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