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Product: Strident Insecticide
APVMA Code: 62616/101950
Active Ingredient: 440 g/L Buprofezin





Formulation Type:
Suspension Concentrate
Overview: For control of Red scale and White louse scale, Jassids (leafhoppers) and Longtail, Citrus and citrophilous Mealybugs in Citrus crops; Mealybugs in Grapes and Pears; Mealybugs and Scales in Persimmons, Custard Apples and Passionfruit and Mango scale in Mangoes.
Features and Benefits:

• Broad spectrum control of Scale insects, Mealybugs and Leafhoppers.
• Can be utilised as part of an Integrated Pest Management program (IPM) program where parasites such as Aphytis spp. are active.
• Activity on a wide range of crops for better farm management
• Important option to control some challenging pests and preserve fruit yield and quality

Supporting Material:

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