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Flotilla Herbicide

APVMA Code: 67029/107896

Active Ingredient: 400 g/L Fluroxypyr Present As The Methylheptyl Ester

Formulation Type:

Emulsifiable Concentrate

Overview: For the control of a wide range of broadleaf weeds in fallow, Lucerne, Maize, Millets, Pastures, Poppies, Sorghum, Sugarcane, Sweetcorn and winter cereals.
Also for the control of woody weeds in agricultural non-crop areas, commercial and industrial areas, forests, pastures and rights-of-way.
Chemical Group Pyridine
Features and Benefits:

• Proven control of many broadleaf weed species to achieve cleaner paddocks
• Option in-fallow and certain in-crop situations for added flexibility
• Compatible with glyphosate and other herbicides as a reliable tank mix partner
• Activity on a wide range of weed sizes for superior overall control

Supporting Material:

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