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Magister Command 480 EC Herbicide



Magister Command 480 EC Herbicide

APVMA Code : 49604/127877
Active Ingredient: 480 g/L Clomazone
Solvent: 450 g/L Hydrocarbon Liquid

Formulation Type:

Emulsifiable Concentrate

Overview: For the control of certain annual broad leaf weeds in Cucurbits, Green Beans, Navy Beans, Potatoes, Poppies and Tobacco, and for the control of certain annual grasses in Rice as per the Directions for Use Table.
Features and Benefits:
  • The herbicide is taken up through both plant roots and emerged shoots to provide very effective weed control 
  • In certain crops it can be applied post-emergent to control late germinating weeds
  • Has good compatibility with many other herbicides increasing the spectrum of weeds that can be controlled in a single pass
  • Is suitable for use in drill, sod sown, dry broadcast and aerial sown rice
Supporting Material:

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