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Shark Aquatic


Shark Aquatic Herbicide


Shark Aquatic Herbicide

APVMA Code: 64095/114710

Active Ingredient:

240 g/L Carfentrazone-ethyl

261 g/L Liquid Hydrocarbon


Formulation Type:

Emulsion, Oil-in-Water


For the control of Cabomba in aquatic situations as per the Directions for Use Table.

Features and Benefits:
  • For the control of significant weed, Cabomba in aquatic situations
  • Liquid formulation which is emulsifiable in water
  • Applied to aquatic areas for the control of floating and emerged weeds
  • Wide range of drum sizes from 4L to 1000L to suit any job
  • Apply in winter and summer when weeds are actively growing


Supporting Material:

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