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Spotlight Plus


Product: Spotlight Plus Herbicide

APVMA Code: 61716/126173

Active Ingredient: 60 g/L Carfentrazone-Ethyl

Formulation Type:


Overview: For de-suckering of Grapevines, Olives, Prunes and general sucker control in other tree fruits, tree nuts and assorted tropical and sub-tropical fruit; and for use in tank mixtures with knockdown herbicides for control of certain broadleaf weeds in horticultural and non-crop situations.
Features and Benefits: • Built-in oil for increased efficacy of weed control, sucker control and haulm desiccation
• Reduces to fine droplets to minimise drift
• Excellent toxicological profile to assist environment and personnel
• Stand-alone product to control suckers on a wide range of crops
Suppporting Material:

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