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Product: Cyhella Insecticide

APVMA Code: 65190/127156

Active Ingredient: 250 g/L Lambda-Cyhalothrin

Formulation Type:

Capsule Suspension

Overview: For the control of certain insect pestsin Barley, Cotton, Wheat and various field crops.

Chemical Group synthetic pyrethroid

Features and Benefits:
  • Synthetic pyrethroid for insect control in barley, cotton, wheat, various field crops and a range of horticultural and pasture crops
  • Very broad spectrum of activity on sucking and chewing pests
  • Provide both knockdown and residual activity
  • Low odour and low toxicology profile
  • Encapsulated formulation provides excellent coverage and low viscosity
Supporting Material:



Cyhella is a powerful insecticide that offers excellent persistence and insect knockdown. It targets a wide range of insects in everything from winter and summer cereals, cotton and vegetable crops to lucerne, pasture and forage crops.


Cyhella utilises innovative micro encapsulation technology to deliver an enhanced safety profile. The low volume formulation also ensures that handling and transport efficiencies can be achieved.


Benefits of Cyhella include: 

  • Low odour and toxicology profile

  • World class formulation provides excellent coverage and low viscosity

  • Broad spectrum insecticide for use over a wide range of crops

  • Offers knockdown and residual efficacy profile

  • Effective on sucking and chewing pests

  • Cyhella is a high load formulation requiring low use rates

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