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Danadim Progress


Product: Danadim® Progress
Active Ingredient:

400 g/L Dimethoate

(an anticholinesterase compound)


Formulation Type:

Emulsifiable Concentrate

Overview: Danadim® Progress is a patented, low odour 400g/L dimethoate formulation with a unique stabiliser. Danadim® Progress is used for the control of a wide range of insect pests on fruit trees, vegetables, Citrus, pastures, Cotton, Lucerne, Peanuts and ornamentals.
Features and Benefits: • Quick knockdown activity to reduce additional crop damage
• Controls chewing and sucking pests for flexibility in a wide range of crop types
• Low odour to assist workers when handling the product
• Stabilised formulation inhibits degradation leading to superior storage
Supporting Material:

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