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Fyfanon 440 EW



Fyfanon 440 EW Insecticide

APVMA Code: 51150/101326

Active Ingredient: 440 g/L Maldison
(An Anticholinesterase Compound)

Formulation Type:

Emulsion, Oil-in-Water


Fyfanon® is a 440g/L oil in water emulsion maldison formulation with improved dermal toxicity.

Fyfanon® 440EW controls a wide range of pests including fruit fly in fruit and vegetables, as well as Codling moth, Woolly aphid, European red mite, and Rutherglen bug in a wide variety of crops as per the label.

Features and Benefits:

• Used as part of an integrated approach to manage fruit fly in Australian crops
• Superior formulation for improved stability, lower toxicity and lower odour
• Wide range of pests controlled and crops treated for added flexibility
• Easy storage and transportation for improved safety

Supporting Material:

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