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Protection from pests


There are close to 100 insect species that can seriously damage crops. Even a small insect infestation can significantly reduce yields and the quality of crops.


The insecticides used to control these pests are divided into approximately ten different groups, based on their chemistry. FMC has a portfolio of insecticides that includes highly effective water based, stabilised insecticides.


Benefits include:

Reduced use of organic solvents

  • Safer for the operator
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Reduced odour
  • Higher flash points for safer handling, storage and transportation
  • Better crop safety on sensitive crops

Improved stability

  • Reduced formation of toxic breakdown products
  • Maintenance of insecticidal activity
  • Longer shelf life


FMC is able to offer innovative capsule suspension (CS) products and advanced stabilised emulsifiable concentrate (EC) formulations.

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