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Talstar 250 EC


Product: Talstar 250 EC Insecticide / Miticide

APVMA Code: 60987/111519

Active Ingredient: 250 g/L Bifenthrin
Solvent: 640 g/L Hydrocarbon Liquid


Formulation Type:

Emulsifiable Concentrate

Overview: Controls insect pests and Mites of Apricots, Bananas, Barley, Canola, Citrus, Clover, Cotton, Cucurbits, Faba beans, Field peas, Grapes, Lucerne, Lucerne seed crops, Lupins, Navy beans, Nectarines, Peaches, Pears, Plums, Poppies, subterranean Clover, Sugarcane, Tomatoes and Wheat.
Features and Benefits: • Binds to the soil and controls Mites before they reach the plant
• Available across a wide range of crops and pastures for added convenience
• Can be applied via air or ground rig to suit different cropping programs and timing
• High strength formulation for greater residual control
Supporting Material:

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