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Product: Vantacor Insecticide

APVMA Code: 89966 / 126560

Active Ingredient: 600 g/L Chlorantraniliprole
Formulation Type:

Suspension Concentrate


For the control of Lepidopteran species of insect pests in Cotton and Pulse crops, as per the Directions for use table

Features and Benefits:
  • For the control of Lepidopteran species of insect pests in Cotton and Pulse crops
  • Fast acting and excellent residual activity for rapid and longer lasting control of key pests
  • Ideal option in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs to take advantage of beneficial insects
  • Translaminar movement through the leaf for extended control of pests
  • Rainfast within two hours to ensure quick control under varied weather conditions
Supporting Material:

General Information

- Vantacor® insecticide offers the same pest spectrum and activity as Altacor® insecticide but with a much lower use rate and less packaging
- New, advanced, low-use formulation of Rynaxypyr® active, the worlds leading insect control technology
- Combines highly effective low use rates with fast-acting, translaminar activity and good residual control for reliable results that help optimise crop quality and yield.


Label Overview

- Mode of Action: Rynaxypyr® (Chlorantraniliprole – Group 28)
- Use Rate: 40 – 90 mls per hectare + non-ionic surfactant
- Application Guidelines: 100 L/ Ha by ground and 30 L/ Ha by air using a medium spray quality to achieve sixty (60) droplets per cm2.
- Pests Controlled: Controls an extensive list of lepidopteran pests as per label guidelines


The Vantacor Advantage

- Lower use rates
- Less packaging and less environmental footprint* The same IPM friendly Rynaxypyr® technology
* The same efficacy in the paddock
* The same flexibility for Lepidopteran control

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