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Vantal Upgrade 36 EW


Product: Vantal Upgrade 36 EW Insecticide

APVMA Code: 67524/124569

Active Ingredient: 36 g/L Abamectin

Group 6A Insecticide

Formulation Type:

Emulsion, Oil-in-Water


Vantal® Upgrade 36EW is a 36 g/L oil in water emulsion abamectin formulation for the control of certain Mites and insect pests in horticultural crops and Cotton as per the label.
Chemical Group macrocylic lactone

Features and Benefits:

• Control of a broad spectrum of pests in horticultural and Cotton crops
• Pests eat affected leaves and good control is achieved within seven days
• Good option to alternate with other chemical groups for resistance management
• Registered across a wide range of crops for better farm management

Supporting Material:

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