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Managing plant growth


Plant growth is determined by a complex interaction of genetic and environmental factors. Influencing the rate of growth of the plant, its parts, or its produce allows for more effective crop management.


Regulants are chemicals used to control or regulate the processes that determine plant growth. Plant growth regulants can target the entire plant or a specific plant part such as the leaves, root system or fruit. Some regulants accelerate growth, others retard it.


FMC offers a wide range of innovative regulants, formulated to meet the diverse needs of Australian farmers.  These can be used in:

  • Reduction of leaf and stem growth in grass species to aid turf management
  • Defoliation of cotton prior to harvest
  • Accelerated boll opening, defoliation and pre-conditioning before defoliation of cotton
  • Management of fruiting and vegetative growth in cotton
  • Reduction in vegetative growth in mango, stone fruit and apple trees


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