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Vincit C Liquid



Vincit C Liquid Seed Dressing

APVMA Code: 30255/0306

Active Ingredient:

25 g/L Flutrafol
4 g/L Cypermethrin


Formulation Type:


Overview: Vincit® C Liquid seed dressing is a seed dressing treatment for Wheat, Barley, Oats and Triticale to protect against Smuts and Bunts.
Chemical Group synthetic pyrethroid + triazole
Features and Benefits: • Cereal seed dressing that can be applied to seed after harvest for pest protection of stored grain through until planting
• Active against a range of Smuts and Bunts in cereal crops to aid early establishment with a cleaner crop
• Treated seed can be stored for the following year if farm plans change
• Handy liquid formulation for easy application
Supporting Material:

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