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Product: Canopy Crop Oil

APVMA Code: 60215/61084

Active Ingredient: 792 g/L Paraffinic Oil (Nc27)
Formulation Type:

Emulsifiable Concentrate

Overview: Features a patented formulation built from an nC27 paraffinic oil for maximum insecticidal efficacy; a unique UV absorber additive that protects against phytotoxicity; and biodegradable, phyto-safe emulsifiers for superior leaf coverage and droplet retention.
Features and Benefits: • Superior leaf coverage and persistence for very high pesticidal activity
• Soft on beneficial insects so an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program can be utilised
• Different mode of action so ideal as part of a resistance management program
• Activity on a wide range of pests making it an ideal year-round option
Supporting Material:

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