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Spray Oils & Adjuvants

Precision Spray Oils


Caltex Precision Spray Oils are Australia's premium range of petroleum-based crop protection products.


From the only spray oil registered by the APVMA for insect pest control in cotton (Canopy®); through to the unique, 'UV-protected' D-C-Tron® Plus for pest control in citrus, fruit and vegetables; to the post-emergent herbicide adjuvant which started it all - D-C-Trate®; Precision Spray Oils provide growers with economically viable, ecologically sound and scientifically proven pest control options for most growing situations.


Because of their unique physical properties and formulations, Caltex Precision Spray Oils offer a range of benefits compared with conventional crop protection chemicals and many biological products, including:

  • Being key components of Integrated Pest Management

  • Having low impact on beneficials

  • Providing a tool to manage pesticide resistance

  • Offering alternative (physical) modes-of-action

  • Being safe for crops and humans

  • Enhancing activity of partner products

  • Improving pesticide spray application & persistence

  • Keeping spray equipment in good working order

  • Having a wide range of compatibilities

  • Being built on the back of local research & development






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