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Tank mixing order

Recommended sequence


1. Partly fill the spray tank with water, as per label directions, to at least 70% full.

Commence agitation and maintain agitation during the mixing and spraying process.


2. Add any Water Conditioners.


3. Add any Wettable Powders (WP) or Dry Flowable (DF) products.


4. Add any Water Dispersible Granules (WDG) products.


5. Add any Flowable Liquids (FL) or Suspension Concentrates (SC).


6. Add any Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC).


7. Add any Aqueous Concentrate (AC) or Soluble Liquids (SL).


8. Add Adjuvant if required.


9. Fill the remainder of the spray tank with water.

Use the spray mix within 24 hours of preparation (unless otherwise stated on label).


Always read the product label for the manufacturer’s tank mix recommendations and to determine individual product compatibility options and correct mixing orders for individual products. If unsure, perform a jar test before proceeding to determine physical compatibility. Physical compatibility does not always guarantee biological compatibility.





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