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RapidFLY by RapidAIM is a smart device that captures Fruit fly and delivers real-time pest information from your orchard to your mobile, for efficient pest management actions. 

Key Features:
  • Pest Location: Detection data shown across your farm - control the pest where it is needed
  • Reduce risks: Add a spray event and use the devices to monitor its effect
  • Affordable: Hassle-free subscription service that is price competitive with manual monitoring and delivers better value
  • Know when pests arrive: Get real-time alerts of pest detection on your device, anywhere, anytime
  • Easy to use: No extra equipment required (antennae or base stations), No extra expenses (mobile data etc.) No complicated software
  • Coverage: Orchard wide and area wide
Supporting Material:


For sales enquires please contact rapidaim@agnvet.com.au and a technical representative will respond within 24 hours.

General Information:

1. A precision pest management tool for today’s farmer

  • Get real-time data to accurately pinpoint the location of pests. Save time and money on pest monitoring and management.

2. RapidAIM’s Hardware

  • The Smartest Trap Around
  • Our unique IoT sensor technology provides exceptional pest detection accuracy, combined with extended autonomy & low maintenance, packed in an award-winning, portable design.
  • 12 to 18 month battery life
  • Telstra narrowband IoT network ensures maximum coverage even in remote areas
  • Registered and deployed in minutes
  • Scalable from orchard to region
  • Low maintenance frequency ~ every 5 months
  • Remote firmware upgrades ensures continuous innovation delivery.

3. RapidAIM’s software

  • A complete pest monitoring solution in the palm of your hand
  • Our mobile app displays pest activity in a clear and intuitive way. Logging spray events in orchards and farms show when pest management actions are working.
  • Receive instant Push Notifications when detections occur
  • Browse historical data and pest population trends over time in orchards and across regions
  • Keep track of pest management or trap maintenance
  • Time of day pest activity allows for targeted management action
  • Grid management with traps status and troubleshooting wizard

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